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Yes, we fix and repair damaged cars, trucks, vans, campers. Yes, we do restorations and write up Panel Beater's Reports. But did you know we can also repair other objects and we have a experience in painting a variety of materials, not just automotive? Give us a call if you are wondering if we can help you with your next project.

      Panel Beaters Report


With the tightening of Warrant of Fitness requirements more and more WOF assessors are requiring Panel Beaters reports to assure them that a vehicle is safe. We are qualified to do this for you. We'll book your car in for about an hour when our hoist is available and Simon is able to write the report. Simply ring us and set up a time.

      Paint Services

We use high quality MIPA automotive paints. We have chosen this paint system for it's quality and because we are attempting to lower our carbon footprint and our toxicity levels. Using MIPA means we can use more waterbourne products and limited isopropolene.


One of our most asked questions: Do you do rust repairs? Absolutely! Let us book you in and tidy up that concerning area of your car's body.

Dent repairs? Of course!

Tidy up some scratches? For sure.


Bring your car in for a quote on site. No need to book in. We'll be there to greet you and review your car. Some quotes may require a little time to source parts prices.

If your vehicle is unable to drive, ring, text or message us with your vehicle's rego, your name and number and we'll send you a quotation link. You'll need to take some photographs, as clearly as you can and send them back to us for quotation.

      Loan cars

We have 10 loan cars available for the duration of your repair. There is an admin fee of $10 per day of repair and you will need to cover the cost of your own fuel.



With over 50 years combined experience our team is well suited to looking after your most prized possession, including restoration of much loved older vehicles. The best way to start? Take a bunch of photos of your beauty and bring it down to chat to Simon about the extent of the repairs you'd like to make and the possible costs involved.

      Deck liners

We are proud to be the local representative for Speedliner. You can find more information here.

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