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Getting your Vehicle Repaired under Insurance


Contact your Insurance Company

Let them know you have had an accident and begin your claim. They will give you a claim number.

This step can be done after step 2, but it is really the first step on your way to getting your claim approved and repair started.


Bring your car to us for an assessment

We will take photographs of your vehicle and the damage and enter your details into our system which communicates directly with your insurance company.

There is no need to book an appointment for an assessment, just come on in when it suits you.

We won't be able to begin the repairs until we've communicated with your insurance company, but after we've done step 3, we'll be able to book you in. We can usually fit you in for your repair in 1-2 weeks,

depending on parts availability.


Getting your claim and repair approved 

Simon will do all the ground work in preparation for your repair. He'll be in touch with your insurance company in regards to the repairs required and once he has confirmation from them he'll source all of the parts and book you in for your repair. All you have to do is reply to his text to confirm your booking.


Bring your car in for repair

Bring your car in on the morning it has been booked in. Repairs generally take several days. If you require a loan vehicle we can assist with this.


Pick up your Vehicle

We'll be in touch to let you know when you can come and collect your freshly repaired vehicle.

Remember you may have an excess to pay.

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